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Are you looking for the best criminal defense lawyer? Contact us. 


If you are being investigated or have been  charged with a crime or OWI, or if legal    proceedings have already commenced,

the lawyers of Severson & Smead, LLP, in  Madison, Wisconsin are here to help.

Our Attorneys defend every type of Misdemeanor, Felony, or Impaired Driving charge. 


Since founding Severson & Smead, LLP in 2005,

attorneys Brian Severson and Preston Smead have been vigorously

defending clients against criminal and OWI charges throughout Wisconsin.


Our mission is to fight on behalf of our clients to achieve the best possible

 outcome in every case through careful preparation, hard won 

expertise, and uncompromising advocacy. 


At Severson & Smead, we understand that being charged with a crime is circumstance 

no one wants to be in.  We pride ourselves on being the attorneys you can count on

to have your back and to get you though a difficult situation.


If you have been accused of a criminal or OWI offense, do not hesitate to 

contact us to find out how we can help you.







Brian Severson Madison Wisconsin Criminal Lawyer

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Preston Smead Madison Wisconsin Criminal Lawyer

Direct: (608) 692-7035



Not Guilty Verdicts

Our client was facing multiple charges of felony sexual assault that he adamantly denied when he came to Severson and Smead for help. From the beginning it was clear with that there would be no compromises.  Attorney Preston Smead has a lot of trial experience.  He carefully and strategically prepared the defense. At trial he attacked the state's witnesses and evidence and presented his client's defense and after deliberations the jury returned its verdicts:  


Felony Charges Dismissed

When our client came to us he was facing serious felony drunk driving charges and was very concerned.  At Severson & Smead, we fight for our clients every step of the way.  At an early stage in the proceedings, Attorney Preston Smead discovered a flaw and argued to the Judge that the case had to be dismissed because the state could not produce the proper evidence.  The Judge agreed and the charges were thrown out.

Jury Verdict: Not Guilty

What if you were arrested for 3rd offense drunk driving and you weren't driving?  And what if they didn't believe you and they wanted you to plead guilty and go sit in jail for months for something you didn't do?  That's the situation our client was in when she came to Severson & Smead for help.  In a case like this one, there is nothing do to but prepare to fight the case at trial.  Fortunately, Attorney Preston Smead has extensive trial experience and a winning record of success.  On the day of trial, Attorney Smead attacked every shred of evidence that the State presented to try to prove our client was driving that night.  After deliberations the jury returned its verdict:



Not Guilty Verdicts

Our client was shocked to be accused of committing serious felony offenses against his teenage son.  He knew he hadn't done anything wrong but he also knew he needed a good lawyer to make sure he wasn't convicted of crimes he did not commit.  Attorney Brian Severson fought the charges all the way to trial and at the end of the day the jury did the right thing and found our client not guilty of all felony counts. 

Trial Victory

Our client was accused of two serious criminal charges, including a felony charge for eluding a police officer in a vehicle, when he came to Severson & Smead for help. Our mission was simple: do everything possible to fight the case.  Because of careful preparation and planning, and extensive trial experience, Attorney Preston Smead was able attack the state's case on several fronts. He succeeded in persuading the Judge to throw out one of the charges without allowing the jury to even consider it. For the remaining felony charge, after a short deliberation, the jury returned its verdict:  


Not Guilty. 

Felony Drunk
Driving Dismissed 

When our client came to us he was facing serious felony drunk driving charges and the possibility of being sent away to prison.  Attorney Brian Severson's mission was to do everything possible to fight the case.  After carefully examining all the evidence, he discovered a flaw in a warrant that the police used to obtain crucial evidence from our client.  Once Attorney Severson brought this to the attention of the prosecutor, they had no choice but to drop all criminal charges.




Would have gave 10000 stars if could have amazing to work with. Was facing 15 years in prison. No jail at all. Thank you Mr SMEAD my family and I appreciate everything you have done for us. Highly recommend very strong thank you again.

James, May 2023

Professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value.


Transparently reassuring, is my first thought in reflection. Attorney Smead, had my back immediately. He helped navigate me through what appeared to be a rough path with ease, knowledge, and grace. I am very proud, and relieved that Severson & Smead defended my case - all of my charges are dismissed. Strongly recommended!

J. P. April 2021

Sharp, Competent, and Knowledgeable. I contacted Preston Smead about an incident resulting in misdemeanor charges. He consulted with me and laid out all the options available to me along with the best outcomes for each of them. His fees were very reasonable compared to others I talked to, and after hiring him, he was easy to contact and followed through on all of the things he said he would do. I ended up getting my charges reduced to a ticket, and Preston was instrumental in achieving the best outcome for me.

-Satisfied Client, February 2017

I am beyond grateful for the outstanding representation provided by Preston Smead. From the moment I met him, I knew I had made the right choice in hiring him as my criminal defense attorney. He listened attentively to my case and provided clear, straightforward advice on how to proceed. Throughout the entire trial process, he fought tirelessly on my behalf and was able to successfully secure a not-guilty verdict from the jury.

Nicholas, January 2023

Had the opportunity to have Preston Smead work with me on my case.  Treated it very professional from my experience.  Was there to help with all questions and still is to this date even though my case is over.  Took all my wants to heart as if they were his own.  Helped me get what I wanted out of my case.  Would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone needing legal advice or a great lawyer to work with.  I'm happy to be able to have called him my lawyer.  So thanks a bunch Preston. 


Allen, June 2020

Preston was an all around great attorney. I had never hired a lawyer before him because I had never needed one. when I began searching for an attorney I wanted to be sure I was putting my money into good hands because after all, lawyers aren't cheap. After consulting with multiple attorneys I decided to hire Preston Smead because of reviews I had already read about him. I am glad to say they were not wrong. Preston was there from day one. He guided me through the entire legal process, answering my calls anytime of the day and always having my best interests in mind. After 6 long months we were able to settle with a deal that I was more than happy to accept. He really made the best out of a tough situation for me. I would recommend him to friends.

-Nathan, November 2016

Preston Smead a great man as well very understandable. He made my case process trust worthy and stood by my side throughout the whole process. He didn’t leave any details out on the best decision for myself. Ultimately a great person and knowledgeable I recommend if you have any legal troubles Severson & Smead LLP would be my first suggestion.


Alfred, October 2022

Preston was my attorney for a substantial battery case that needed to go to trial.  Preston was an outstanding attorney.  He had knowledge that I needed for this trial to go in the direction that I wanted.  Without Preston I would have a felony on my record and a substantial battery and he was able to beat the felony at the trial and I got no jail time .  I can't thank Preston enough for the hard work and dedication that he put into my case for almost 8 months.  I would recommend him for any criminal cases that you need help with.


R. P. April 2018

Attorney Preston Smead got me out of a complete disaster and saved my life from being destroyed by a felony conviction. I was charged with felony fraud that I did not commit. Even though we had strong evidence of my innocence, the D.A. was being stubborn and would not listen to reason at first. He was just absolutely relentless in his pursuit to get the charges dropped. He kept calling and calling and writing letters demanding that my case be looked at again. He really fought on my behalf every step of the way. I could tell that Preston was truly a legal expert in criminal cases from the moment I first spoke to him, just a stone cold professional and a fighter that really cared about my well being. He stood by my side through some of the darkest times of my life. He didn't quit or put my case to the side, but he kept leaning on the D.A. Eventually, after non stop pursuits, my case was investigated by a new detective. After a few months of agony, my case finally got dismissed and all charges were dropped. If it wasn't for Preston Smead my case would have probably gone to trial and the outcome could have been devastating. I highly recommend Mr. Smead if you are facing criminal charges. He literally saved the future of the rest of my life...


-Michael, September 2016




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