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Our Attorneys defend every type of Misdemeanor, Felony, or Impaired Driving charge in any court in Wisconsin. 


If you are being investigated or have been charged with a crime or OWI, or if legal proceedings have already commenced,

the lawyers of Severson & Smead, LLP, in Madison, Wisconsin are here to help.


Since founding Severson & Smead, LLP in 2005,

attorneys Brian Severson and Preston Smead have been vigorously

defending clients against criminal and OWI charges throughout Wisconsin.


Our mission is to fight on behalf of our clients to achieve the best possible

 outcome in every case through careful preparation, hard won 

expertise, and uncompromising advocacy. 


At Severson & Smead, we understand that being charged with a crime is circumstance 

no one wants to be in.  We pride ourselves on being the attorneys you can count on

to have your back and to get you though a difficult situation.


If you have been accused of a criminal or OWI offense, do not hesitate to 

contact us to find out how we can help you.







Brian Severson Madison Wisconsin Criminal Lawyer

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Preston Smead Madison Wisconsin Criminal Lawyer

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January 22, 2020

Not Guilty Verdicts

Our client was facing multiple charges of felony sexual assault that he adamantly denied when he came to Severson and Smead for help. From the beginning it was clear with that there would be no compromises.  Attorney Preston Smead has a lot of trial experience.  He carefully and strategically prepared the defense. At trial he attacked the state's witnesses and evidence and presented his client's defense and after deliberations the jury returned it's verdicts:  NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. 

May 30, 2019

The Jury's Verdict: NOT GUILTY

What if you were arrested for 3rd offense drunk driving and you weren't driving?  And what if they didn't believe you and they wanted you to plead guilty and go sit in jail for months for something you didn't do?  That's the situation our client was in when she came to Severson & Smead for help.  In a case like this one, there is nothing do to but prepare to fight the case at trial.  Fortunately, Attorney Preston Smead has extensive trial experience and a winning record of success.  On the day of trial, Attorney Smead attacked every shred of evidence that the State presented to try to prove our client was driving that night.  After deliberations the jury returned its verdict:              NOT GUILTY.

April 25, 2019

Trial Victory

Our client was accused of two serious criminal charges, including a felony charge for eluding a police officer in a vehicle, when he came to Severson & Smead for help. Our mission was simple: do everything possible to fight the case.  Because of careful preparation and planning, and extensive trial experience, Attorney Preston Smead was able attack the state's case on several fronts. He succeeded in persuading the Judge to throw out one of the charges without allowing the jury to even consider it.  For the remaining felony charge, after a short deliberation, the jury returned its verdict:  Not Guilty. 

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Had the opportunity to have Preston Smead work with me on my case.  Treated it very professional from my experience.  Was there to help with all questions and still is to this date even though my case is over.  Took all my wants to heart as if they were his own.  Helped me get what I wanted out of my case.  Would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone needing legal advice or a great lawyer to work with.  I'm happy to be able to have called him my lawyer.  So thanks a bunch Preston. 

Allen, June 2020

They were very professional and I could actually tell they wanted to help me. There was no faking it and I could see that. They actually did there job and brought justice to my case. Would 100% recommend them to anyone I know. Smead was originally my attorney but when he wasn't available severson took his place. Smead was like an actual person that actually wanted the case to come to a fair ending to both party's. I respected that the most. Just being as real as they can and getting the job done. Completely satisfied with the outcome. Thank you so much Severson and Smead!

Brittani, June 2019

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