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Phone: (608) 513-2114

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    Brian Severson graduated from the University of Wisconsin law school in 2005 and shortly thereafter co-founded the law firm of Severson & Smead, LLP.  Since that time Brian has been vigorously defending his clients against criminal and OWI charges throughout Wisconsin. Brian brings an extremely high level of integrity and commitment to all of his cases which has led to countless successful outcomes for his clients.

    Brian is a respected attorney who has earned the admiration of his clients and colleagues through his toughness and unwillingness to compromise.  Brian also knows that being charged with a crime is a difficult circumstance to be in and he has a natural ability to inspire confidence in his clients and to effectively communicate legal terminology and courtroom procedure.

    If you or someone you care about is facing criminal or drunk driving charges, or if you have questions about Brian's experience and qualifications, please do not hesitate to call: (608) 513-2114. 

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Office: (608) 204-5843

Fax: (608) 204-5844

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